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Porth Kennels Waiting List Agreement

Now Accepting 2024 Reservation Fees.

As of February 25, the estimated wait for males is 3 months and females 6 months or more .

We are now accepting reservation fees for our Porth Kennels' Puppy waiting list for the 2024. We will accept a limited number of deposits, which is based on the number of estimated pups available for the remainder of the year.

Please read the following terms and conditions before you join our list. By making a deposit to reserve your puppy you agree to the following terms:

1. I understand and agree my $300.00 reservation fee is non-refundable. I am not guaranteed my puppy of choice or gender of choice; however, I understand that I can continue to defer my place in line and add myself to future reservation lists until I get the puppy I want or until two years from the day of deposit arrives.

2. I also understand the timing of litters is uncontrollable, as well as a successful pregnancy. All timing estimates made by Porth Kennels are based on their best guess of timing, and are not guaranteed.

3. I understand Porth Kennels' customers choose in the order of the reservation list and customers can choose any of the puppies available to them.

4. When I pay the non-refundable reservation fee, I am allowed to be on multiple reservation lists, such as smooth coat or long coat, concurrently and will choose ONE puppy per deposit. If I want two puppies, I understand two reservation fees are required. Reservation fees are not transferable to family and friends.

5. Porth Kennels reserves the right to keep for themselves any pups that may be used for future breeding or show, which is most often a female, so this contributes to a longer wait for females.

6. When it is my turn to select an available pup (approx. 3-4 weeks of age), Porth Kennels will contact me via email and text with photos. Video chat is available. I will be asked to make a selection as soon as possible or pass, so the next person on the list may choose. If I pass, I do not lose my position. I will remain in the same position on the list, and be contacted when the next litter arrives.

7. Reservation fees are applied to the purchase price of the puppy, and will be deducted from my total due, which is due the day of pickup. Cash or personal check are preferred on pickup day.

8. Upon receipt of my reservation fee, Porth Kennels will provide an estimated wait, which is based on the number of reservations on a first come/first serve basis and planned breedings for the remainder of 2023. We will accept a few deposit for early 2024.

By submitting a reservation fee of $300 through "Add to Cart" link below, you agree to Porth Kennels' terms and conditions stated above regarding the non-refundable reservation fee.


Most of our pups are priced from $1800-$2000. This includes a 2-year health guarantee, AKC puppy application, 3-generation pedigree, AKC microchip, and an agreement to have your puppy spayed/neutered at the appropriate age. On a rare occasion, we may offer breeding rights to approved kennels, which will be quoted different pricing.

Puppies may be released to their new homes no earlier than 8 weeks of age. We may choose to hold a particular pup longer if needed. Due to safety concerns, we do not ship dogs. You must pick up your puppy at our kennel in Lexington, SC, or you may use an approved puppy nanny for transport.

The waiting list will be closed periodically if we exceed a reasonable number of reservations based on our breeding plans.

To send your reservation fee, fill in the fields below including your preferred Porth Dachshund puppy gender, color, and coat type (long coat is our specialty), then click Add to Cart. You will enter your debit/credit information on the next screen. Female waiting list has reopened as of 2/25/24.

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